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Thanks to the vision of one family, MIKELIS TEAM has grown from a company with three employees to one of the leading construction companies in Slovenia and region.

"We started modestly, with three employees, working on small projects. In the meantime, we have built or renovated more than 350 buildings of the highest quality, among which there are those that are among the most complex construction projects by all world standards. MIKELIS TEAM has grown steadily in the six years of its existence, respecting the basic principles in our business: quality and speed of construction."

"When I look back from this perspective, the first thing I remember are those periods when I didn't even have a day off for months, so my family sometimes suffered because of my job. But, that was the only way to complete the contracted works on time and with quality, that is, to survive in troubled times. Ethnologist Dragomir Antonić wrote in his biography that he visited almost all villages in Serbia, and he considers his greatest success to be that he can come to every village again. Something similar applies to me. I consider it a great success that even today, investors have been meeting me with a smile on their faces since the time when I started doing this business."

"Together with MIKELIS TEAM, we also developed, primarily thanks to the fact that we were never satisfied with what we had achieved. We were constantly striving for bigger and better.

We built some facilities within the deadlines that we thought were impossible, but most importantly - we never allowed the speed of construction to be to the detriment of quality.

With such an attitude towards every business, we have gained the trust and respect of investors.

Many of them returned to MIKELIS TEAM with new plans and offers because they recognized a reliable partner."

"We have always strived to satisfy the requirments and needs of our clients, as well as the wider social community, as comprehensively, efficiently and reliably as possible in our business. From the first day, the employees of our company clearly recognized their daily tasks, autorizations and responsibilities. It wil be the same in the future, because only in that way we can stick to the quality policy."

"Because I come from a construction family, since I was a child I have had the opportunity to see how hard and beautiful construction is at the same time. Despite the fact that the effort invested in construction is much higher than in many other areas, there remains the satisfaction that rarely any other occupation can provide - houses, buildings, factories, business premises remain… For generations, what remains most precious to every person - space in which he lives and works."

"The greatest pleasure that every builder can have is to pass by the building he used to work on after many years and say: - This is well done! This is exactly the kind of pleasure I have every day because at every step I come across objects that MIKELIS TEAM not only did, but also did well! People come and go, bad periods come and go… buildings remain to bear witness to us and the times in which we lived. And those real buildings are like wine - over time, they only gain in quality. Numerous medieval buildings assure us of that, in front of which I am still silent. These are not, as is usually thought, mere witnesses of their time, but also proof that construction is not only a craft, but also an art and a science… and that, in addition to food production, it will be a basic human need while it is holy and eternal. Construction methods, techniques, technology, materials will change… but there will always be a tendency to build what will withstand the ravages of time. In short, there will be a need to build for the present, but to think about the future."

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